Me on one of those rare Finnish days when the glowing sky orb comes out.

My name is Noon, for all intents and purposes. I'm 25 and currently live in Finland, though at the moment my Finnish is terrible getting better. I love all things makeup, though my real weakness is lipsticks and any eyeshadow that's some form of gold, brown, pinkish red brown (that's a real color, I checked I swear) or taupe.

All posts with items I purchased myself are tagged as such, and any posts in the future that might contain anything I was given will be clearly marked with a disclaimer and proper tag.

Need something? Drop me a line at justokheavens @ gmail.com

Thank you for visiting (and hopefully reading) my blog.

Skin&other info:

Current foundation is MAC Face&Body in N1.

  • I have somewhat yellow-toned light skin. It looks a bit greenish in certain sunlights, and I find I tend to look best in warm-based colors. My go-to blush colors are peach. I generally dislike myself in cool pinks and purples, I feel they don't suit me as well.

  • I have been matched to NW15 once a few years back, but it made me a bit orange and was a little dark. Sephora matched me to Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in 3.25 Cool Beige, which I loved and felt worked well. I also currently use Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream in the lightest shade and it fits pretty okay. In the past I've also fit into Jouer's Matte Moisture Tint in Linen. In many foundations I tend to be the second or third shade depending on the size of the range, but anything pink-based or "cool" will make me look orange.

  • My skin is combo type, dry patches but also oily in the t-zone.

I hope all of this info helps you to be as objective as possible when using my blog reviews or swatches for help with your future purchases!



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Noon. 25. American born, Finland residing. I really love dogs.