Saturday, January 24, 2015

future primitive has the handmade treats you need!

My two Future Primitive orders, complete with a lovely little business card!
My adventure in Future Primitive's wonderland of bath & body goodies began a while back when there was some discussion about companies that make their things from scratch. Future Primitive is one of these companies, with the added bonus of being UK-based, which means no worrisome import taxes or obscenely high shipping worries! If you're EU-based Future Primitive is worth checking out for that alone, in spite of the pound's eternally sky-high conversion rate.

You heard the soap! get in here!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

a beso for your troubles?

Beso Balm samples and a full-size of Mielo Balm.
Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me, but I was given a blogger discount in exchange for my honest review of them.
I don't even know where to begin with KaeQ.

I honestly love pretty much everything about them so far, in part because of how utterly simple everything is. And that's the kicker--the final product is simple, but their overall process isn't.

Nicole, the owner of KaeQ, locally sources the ingredients for the various fruit oils that can be found in KaeQ's balms depending on season, then presses them into oil in their own workshop, which they have videos of on their tumblr. The result is a product I can get behind--natural, handmade and local.

And the product is so good it speaks for itself.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

As I Lay Stretched on My Floor, I can't help but contemplate the wonderfulness of Arcana Soaps

Look at the gorgeousness of that label art.

Lately I've been applying perfume before I go to bed.

And when I get up, naturally, but also before I go to bed. Is this normal? Do other people do this?

Or actually, does it even matter? Because the truth is, if other people had Arcana's Holy Terror, they probably would be doing this. And it's not just Holy Terror either--all of the scents I've chosen from Arcana are so good they are worthy of both morning and night application. And maybe mid-lunch. And pre-dinner.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

mac python and the holy grail

Mac Face&Body N1 in natural light.
The top swatch and has dried and oxidized some, the bottom swatch is fresh.
Foundation, for me, has to be one of the worst makeup things on the planet, but probably not for the reasons you think.

I am not really a "face" junkie. I'm a lipstick junkie, nail polish junkie, eyeshadow junkie in training. I love colors, and by extension, putting them on my face. Before my nails reached a state of ruin the likes of the Parthenon, I changed my polish weekly, sometimes less. I like changing colors and putting on new ones based on mood and season and fashion trends and whatever other influences come up.

My skin, however, kinda usually stays the same.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

with visions of golden doodles

The Golden Doodle fullsize shadow, complete with Mr. Grizz sticker!

Sometimes the things we love most in the world have to leave us.

For me, it's been almost a year, but that thing was my beloved buddy Mr. Grizz. (His real name is Grizz, but for some reason I got stuck calling him with the Mister part, and I will insist upon calling him that until the end of ages.) He was a very sweet, loving boy who we'd adopted when he was about a year old from someone who was moving and couldn't take him with them. We had him for six years, and in his seventh year we noticed one day he was drinking a lot more water than normal, and it turned out his soft, fluffy body wasn't doing so well. He passed from lymphoma about 4 days before Christmas last year.

Even now I talk about him a lot, not just because I loved him but because I still love him, in present tense. Even if he's gone the fluffy and warm joy, understanding and caring he gave me still settles very deep in my heart. I love him so much that even though he's physically left me, I'm determined to keep his spirit with me.

And, as it turns out, sometimes thanks to a small windfall, the things that leave us come back to us in unexpected ways too.

L to R: Skittles, Golden Doodle, Al'thor

Friday, December 5, 2014

darling clandestine, full of grace, the oud is with thee

Darling Clandestine's Grace
(It came fuller than this, I decanted two samples for friends.)

Grace is a tiny perfume with a grand personality.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

witch claws

Essie Gold as It Gets over Essie Wicked

I know, I didn't clean the edges up yet. Sue me.

My nails are, for all intents and purposes, absolutely awful at this time. Having and immune system that likes to attack its own commander from the inside out will do that. As such, I've turned to applying falsies occasionally to make my broken nails and arthritic fingers better able to wear nail polish, which is one of my biggest and favorite vices after lipstick.

Fake nails are way too expensive for me to just enjoy being able to buy once a few months without some sort of conscience guilt, so I bought some nice oval ones off of eBay for a few bucks. They came and were too long for my taste, so I cut and filed them until I felt like they were short enough but still long and pointy enough to make me feel like an appropriate witchy badass or something.

They do make it a bit challenging to type though. I feel like one of those cats wearing shoes you always see on Youtube.