Saturday, November 22, 2014

if you were to do a makeup tutorial with me, it would most certainly be a tragedy.

Makeshift vanity.

I really do. I started Tokyo Ghoul after my friend Lain kept posting about it on twitter, and I read it voraciously. I love Tsukiyama, I really do, he's so utterly horrible and selfish and pathetic but somehow still incredibly amusing. And I love Kaneki. I love him, I love his slow development and spiral into the pits of hell from what was once an ordinary and uneventful human life.

If you don't know Tokyo Ghoul, it's a fantasy horror manga about a modern Tokyo where "ghouls"--human-like creatures who can only survive on human flesh--are rumored to live. Ken Kaneki is a young, quiet and ordinary college student who loves to read. After a freak accident he becomes involved in the ghoul underground of Tokyo and begins to learn what being a ghoul really means--the reality of having to live off of human life.

I recently stumbled across a photoset of all the digital Kaneki illustrations Sui Ishida has done, and one of them really stuck out to me. It's my phone background now, and I wanted to emulate the tired, worn-down look Kaneki has with makeup.

Illustration by Sui Ishida, author of Tokyo Ghoul.
I've been feeling tired lately myself, and when I get depressed and weary thinking about Kaneki and Tokyo Ghoul tends to help me feel better somehow. I think I just love him so much that empathizing with him and re-reading the story makes me feel some sort of catharsis.

And so, I began to photograph my own version of this tragedy.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

blackbird swatches: the sequel

Blackbird samples, photographed under indoor light.
It's getting quite dark here lately. It's mostly just y'know, winter, which is perfect for vampires, especially up here in the north. I put off swatching these a bit because I kept telling myself "Oh, I'll do it  during the day tomorrow...!" but I've come to terms with the fact that I might never properly wake up at 9am like I want to be able to swatch these in natural light. So, I've adjusted somewhat with a small desk lamp and white paper.

Winter is coming, and it really waits for no one.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Falloween with Darling Clandestine!

I feel ya Mr. Shark.
Admittedly, that shark is a pretty good representation of me, because I inhaled all the saltwater taffy Evonne crammed into my package pretty quickly. I didn't even share it and I didn't feel a bit guilty about not doing so, though I did pass the Glorious and Treasured and Most Holy caramel apple pop off to my sweetheart, because it's something that must be experienced by everyone.

And after I inhaled the aforementioned candies, I began on inhaling the real treat of the package: my Falloween selection of perfumes!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Blind Faith: a SmellyYeti perfume review

Fullsize Queen of the Damned and sample size Buffybot perfumes.

Sometimes life takes some blind faith. It takes courage to really believe in things you can't confirm properly. Like yetis. Or, more often, like buying a fullsize indie perfume you've never smelled before in your life, from a store that has just opened, so you can't rely on reviews either, but you believe with all the blind faith in the world that it will smell good. That's the sort of crazy faith one could only have while drunk.

Good for me I had a couple of ciders the same day SmellyYeti Perfume opened their online doors.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blackbird Cosmetics Matte shadow swatches (alternate title: prepare to open your wallet and heart)

Samples from Blackbird Cosmetics.
Fall is the perfect matte shadow season for me. They're nice and toned down enough to go with all the big cozy sweaters you pull out of the attic, and they're a welcome change right before the disco-ball glitter fest that every makeup company bursts into at the mere mention of "holidays". Lately I realized that I don't have nearly enough basics in my collection, and I had my eye on Blackbird. I was debating between their company and another, but their more reasonable shipping was what sealed the deal for me, and damn. I think I chose right.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cruel Cruel Summer

Celebration cake!
How is your summer going? Has it been well?

Mine has been so busy and tiring and full of sweat and immigration paperwork--it's a chore to think about it. I clearly haven't had much time to write, I also sadly haven't been wearing much makeup. Something about the heat makes me want to put practically nothing on my face, since I end up plastered in sweat anyway just going to the grocer.

On my eyes are my beloved Darling Girl Barabarella and Fyrinnae Rapunzel!

Thursday I put on a full face of makeup for the first time in weeks, since I had an interview for my residence permit application. They gave me good marks and said I should get a permit just fine, so I'm very happy. I can now melt into a careless puddle for a few weeks.

I hope your summer is finding you equally carefree and worry-free!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

it's raining, it's pouring

Ruby Woo makes everything better.
Yesterday we ended up having a little outing, got dressed up and went out to eat for lunch. The place we ended up going was a cute, kitschy Italian restauraunt called Mama Maria. My favorite part was that on the last page of the menu they listed all their staff and what languages each of them spoke. At least three of them spoke five languages each!