capitalism hates her!!! ONE WEIRD TRICK to save your dried up makeups!!!!!!!!!


I really couldn't resist giving this a clickbait title, I really couldn't.

Anyways so last week I was in Helsinki, and for those of you (ok like everyone except Iris and Noora and anyone else Finnish who might click this) who don't know, Urban Decay recently came here to our tiny country! Yay! We have been blessed. The Nordics are slowly becoming smiled upon by the God of Beauty Capitalism, honestly.

Anyways, my complete joy for being able to finally get my hands on stuff without jumping through several circus hoops aside, a while back I had to de-pot (de-tube?) my UDPP. It was starting to separate in a way that no amount of squeezing the tube would fix, so I cut it open and scraped every last bit I could find into a little travel pot. All was well.

Until recently I realized it was becoming harder and harder to blend over, though I was unsure if I was imagining it. I ended up swatching a tester at the counter in Helsinki to be sure and yep, the sad truth became known: mine was drying out.

Given the picture up there you can probably guess the endgame but spoiler: I fixed it. I didn't have the 25€-ish on hand to buy a new one, so upon coming home I had the clever idea to at least try adding a bit of TKB's My Mix Press-It Binder to it and see if it would rise from the dead. I figured if I ruined it, no foul because it was getting unusable anyways.

But it lives! I just squeezed in about 3ish fat drops, stirred and prayed. And voila! It's smoother, but still plenty sticky enough. It feels almost like it did when new!

My dear sweet hero...
Having this success, I also managed to fix one other near-disaster: my eyeliner. I have the MUFE No. 27 Aqua Creme, and it's a bit old (I bought it in the States, if that says anything...) and to the point where it now flakes and crumbles on application. Two drops of the TKB Binder, some hardcore stirring and...we have a miracle on our hands. It dries down the same but is now much, much easier to work with, less stiff and doesn't flake, and spreads easily.

Voila! TKB Press-It Binder has become my little miracle worker at the moment. It's also great for its namesake, which is for pressing loose shadows! A little goes a long way too, I've probably pressed at least 20-ish shadows plus used some for my makeup reviving needs and I still have a very full bottle.

What I have here is the 2oz bottle, which runs about 5 USD, not including shipping. Totally worth every penny if you're looking to press shadows, even moreso if you can get in with a group order. (Also totally worth it: their mica in Echo, but more on that in another post some other time.)

In other news I've been carefully caring for my pathetic nails, and they're growing out nicely! Some are already long enough to be shaped and give at least a few of my fingers a good claw-esque look. My nail polish lust consumes me terribly.

The manicure above is this week's, Femme Fatale Fiends group-exclusive Unwoven Light polish, with the ring & thumbs having gradient tips of Shleee polish's Aquaman. Both of these polishes are currently unavailable from the makers, so my deepest apologies for showing you pretty things you can't have. However, both makers make excellent polishes consistently, so they're sure to have something else just as gorgeous somewhere for you to snatch up. Also Femme Fatale Fiends is a great Facebook group to join if you enjoy sneak-peeks of FF's latest wares, though all of the swatch and haul posts can make your heart ache, so careful with that!

But to wrap this up, my makeup has been saved, my nails are pretty, and I have to go to bed if I have any hope of doing well on my Finnish tests tomorrow. I'm almost at Level 3 of 4 already, can you believe it???? Time really really flies somehow...maybe soon I can attempt a few bilingual posts, with some heavy proofreading.

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