sakura viewing party.

Sephora Formula X Cherry Blossom topcoat over L'oreal Privee Nude in Doutzen's Nude.
What's that? Can't have your own cherry blossom viewing party this year? Get one on your nails instead!

Sephora released a Cherry Blossom topcoat in their Formula X line this year and I couldn't resist, especially with the 15% off Beauty Insider coupon code being tossed into the mix. I was wary, given that usually topcoats with special shaped glitter never go well, but this was a surprising exception.

The topcoat has love pastel pink matte glitter in 4 sizes, the largest of which is, of course, flower shaped. I expected to have to fish and toss and turn my bottle for the flowers, but I actually didn't. The bottle I received is super chock full of them, and I found getting them is easy with a few well-placed brush dips, no real fishing or effort required.

I am not kidding about the chock full of flowers thing.
The topcoat dries fast, looks lovely and spreads well. The only real downside is that the flowers don't always lay flat, but that's to be expected with large glitter and curvy or small nails, so I can't really consider it a flaw.

Even with six million coats of Polishield, still bumpy. Whoops.

Topcoat is thicker than the glass at Seaworld.
Overall, if you're into cute matte glitter toppers and don't mind some topcoat fussing, this is def a good buy. Especially if you can't get to Japan in time to have your own sakura viewing party.

Where to buy: Sephora, $12.00


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