say hello to gorgeous shadows from Hello Waffles

Hello Waffles samples, de-bagged and potted by me.
I'm quite tired for a long review today, so I'll make this quick: Tangled, Frozen, and Alice in Wonderland? In gorgeous loose shadow form? Shop owner is super sweet? Yep. Hello Waffles has it. They got it all. They even make some super-cute tinted lip balms!

My order consisted of 5 shadows, three from her Frozen-inspired collection and two from her Tangled-inspired one. She also threw in a sample of her shadow in Olaf for free, which I also adore. I have a full size of Magic Hair on the way, but it will be very tempting to go back and order some other full sizes of these as well.

L-R from top: Magic Hair, Fresh Lacquer, Hit in the Heart, Floating Lanterns, Olaf, Anna. Swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.

Magic Hair and Fresh Lacquer with flash.
Magic Hair (Tangled-inspired) is a gorgeous pinky-peach with a gold sheen. I bought a full size of this by default because I knew I'd love it--and I do! Fresh Lacquer (Frozen-inspired) is also lovely, a cool-toned deep bronze-y brown with blue-green sparkle. Despite looking dark here it is quite un-intimidating to use a blends wonderfully.

Hit in the Heart and Floating Lanterns with flash.
Hit in the Heart (Frozen-inspired) is a light, very yellow toned peach color with a unique silver sparkle. It's very rare to come across warm-toned colors with cool-toned sheen like this, and the color of the shadow itself is very unique to begin with! Magic Lanterns (Tangled-inspired) is a lovely reddish purple with a gold sheen. Very versatile, I'm totally in love.

Olaf and Anna with flash.
Lastly, we have Olaf (Frozen-inspired), a pearly white with a golden sheen. A very nice browbone or inner corner color that applies quite sheer, I built it up for the swatch. Anna (Frozen-inspired) is my wildcard from my sample picks, the bright pink is quite unusual, especially with the green sparkle it has. I'm really eager to try wearing it soon.

All these shadows were very smooth and easy to use. They blend well and feel soft and buttery going on. I highly recommend getting some samples for yourself and falling in love like I did!

Quick selfie of me wearing Magic Hair and Hit in the Heart on inner lid, Shiro's Little Bird all over lid, and Fresh Lacquer on the outer corner. Little Bird is over Urban Decay primer, all others were done over that using Pixie Epoxy.
Where to buy: Hello Waffle on Etsy


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