swatches & samples from shiro cosmetics!

My two shadows I ordered, plus samples!!
Recently I've been browsing Reddit a little too much, mostly in the indie make-up section. I'd heard of Shiro Cosmetics before but hadn't ever taken the indie plunge to buy from them, or any indie company. I'm not quite sure what my bias was, or why it existed, but I'm extremely pleased I overcame it. I ordered two full-size shadows from Shiro and couldn't be happier.

The shadows I ordered were the current Color of the Month for February, I Tried, and Moon Prism Power, a previous CotM that's now permanent for a year due to its popularity. Being a Sailor Moon fan I really couldn't resist.

The lid stickers are so cute. I'm in love.

Both of these shadows are quite glittery, I Tried being a bit more glittery than I expected, which gives me a slight challenge, due to my novice when it comes to both glittery and loose shadows. However they are both easily workable and adhere nicely to your primer of choice. Due to no talc (yay!) they also are both able to be used wet for more intensity and control.

Swatches of Moon Prisim Power in natural light, top is without primer, bottom with Urban Decay primer. First swatch is dry, second is wet.

More towards the light to show the shimmer.
Moon Prism Power is a slightly creamy very light pink color with tons of golden green-shifting shimmer. Very good. This will be beautiful as a highlight or inner corner color, as well as all over the lid. It's more sheer due to the high sparkle, but lovely nonetheless. Fallout prone, but that could be easily solved with a stickier base. Lip-safe per Shiro.

I Tried in natural light, top without primer, bottom with Urban Decay primer. First is dry, second is wet.

To show the gorgeous shimmer!
I Tried is a rose gold color, and was February's color of the month. I believe (?) it is still purchasable if you can find the product page by Googling, someone mentioned Shiro allows CotMs to be ordered until their page is taken down. It is quite shimmery swatched dry, wet it takes on a slightly more metallic and smooth finish, which I'm quite fond of. A gorgeous color and a nice affordable way to get your rose gold fix without splurging $52 USD on the UD Naked 3! It applies smoothly and easily with zero patchiness or issues. There is some fallout, but that can be minimized with a stickier base (I do not own one at the moment) or by applying it wet for better control. Lip-safe per Shiro.

Be still my beating heart.
And then, joy of joys, Shiro also provides some surprise free samples! The two I got were Little Bird from Shiro's Seven Kingdoms collection (based on Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones) and Perfect World from the Notebook collection (Death Note, not Nicholas Sparks, though a mash-up of the two is a great image).

First swatch is Little Bird, done dry, top without primer and bottom is with Urban Decay primer. No wet swatch since I generally don't like applying mattes wet.

I'd been eyeing up Little Bird and thinking of buying a pot of it anyways, and getting this sample just sealed that deal 100% lock and key. It's a near-matte deep pinky mauve with a slight sheen, and insanely easy to apply. Smooth, not patchy, no chalkiness, easy to blend, buttery, and just damn good-looking. It's the perfect all-over lid shade for me. I've already put in my order for a full-size, since I love the color AND Sansa Stark, who this color is inspired by. A double win for me! Lip-safe per Shiro.

Perfect World swatched in natural light, top no primer, bottom with Urban Decay Primer. First dry, then wet.
Perfect World is a lovely metallic yellow gold that avoids leaning too orange or too warm. It's soft and buttery and applies like a dream both wet and dry! I swatched it alongside my other gold shadows (UD Half-Baked and L'oreal Gold Imperial & Eternal Sunshine) and was surprised to find it wasn't really a dupe for any of them. It was close to Eternal Sunshine but slightly less warm, and much lighter and less warm than both Half-Baked and Gold Imperial. I think combined with Little Bird (or well...pretty much anything, for that matter) it will be amazing. Lip-safe per Shiro.

Overall...god, with indies like these, who needs anything else. I'm totally smitten. Shiro also proudly claims themselves vegan and cruelty-free, and includes candy with every order (I got a free snickers mini, d'awww.) The advantage of also being able to order a sample or mini size shadow instead of a full one for the commitment-phobes out there is great too. Shiro also even offers lipglosses and blushes, which I have yet to try but am eyeing up with reckless abandon.

Here is a bonus selfie of my first-ever indie eye look. Little Bird on lid, I Tried on lower lashline and center of top lid, and Darling Girl Cosmetics Sovereign on outer corner & in crease (review coming in a bit, but spoiler alert, it's also hella amazing). Face is free sample of Buxom Show Some Skin & Benefit Dandelion, mascara is free sample of Dolce & Gabana Passion Eyes mascara, lipstick is MAC Creme in Your Coffee.

Y'all know how much I love my car for selfies ok.
Let us venture forth, young indie newbies!

Where to buy: Shiro Cosmetics


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