fingerpaints chromatic creation is truly, truly, truly outrageous

Did you think you were getting this post without at least one Jem reference?
I first heard rumor of this polish a few days ago on Nouveau Cheap, and the only swatch that came up upon googling it was a Pinterest swatch of a beautiful silver holo. I love holo polishes but don't own any save one of the slightly disappointing ones from China Glaze's collection this past summer. Color Club is difficult to find by me and other holos are gorgeous but can run a bit pricey, especially with shipping.

But could it be true? Was this beautiful, five dollar holo real? I had to know, so today I bolted to my local Sally's, iced coffee in hand despite the -17F weather.

I searched the display high and low. Holo? What holo? I couldn't find it. I picked up a few metallic looking polishes until finally I found...this:

Chromatic Creation in indoor lighting.
Silver. Unremarkable? I kept tilting my head at awkward angles and going towards the windows, trying to get sunlight to hit the bottle. Was there rainbow there? Maybe? Kinda...? I even swatched it on my thumb over the other polish I was wearing (not recommended if you are not buying said polish, ask them for swatching wheels, they usually provide) but it still looked just...silver. I was puzzled, thinking the internet had lied to me.

I bought it anyway and headed outdoors to my car...and the light hit the swatch on my thumbnail.

In sunlight.
It exploded into the most gorgeous rainbow. "The legends are true," I whispered as though I was starring in a Lord of the Rings movie and not standing on a sidewalk in the upper Midwest, staring transfixed at my nail. I became overjoyed to the point of giddiness. I had planned on other shopping but...screw that. I had to get home. I had to cover all my nails in this rainbow goodness.

Formula-wise, it's not terrible. I've never experienced the wonders of a Color Club holo or the like, but I do know holos risk being finnicky and streaky. Unfortch, this runs somewhat in that vein if you paint it on too thick. Thin coats work well, let them dry between and by two coats it should be fairly opaque. You do have to wipe the brush off with each pull, as the formula is runny and it's way easy to get too much. It also does run a tiny bit brush stroke-y, but not nearly as bad as chrome or frost polishes can.

Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame.

Those weird bumps on my index finger are not the polish, psoriasis has given me stupid nail deformities. Thanks genetics.
I'm not one to say you really NEED stuff, but if you have been looking for an inexpensive, good linear holo, this is your new best friend. The holo effect is quite subtle indoors but once you get into sunlight, your nails will explode. Dazzle. Like indoors your nails are Diana Prince and then in sunlight BAM! Wonder Woman.

And with all that said, I think there is only one way to truly, truly truly wrap up this post:


Where to buy: Sally Beauty, $5.29


  1. I love how you had your iced coffee in hand in -17 degree weather. I grew up in and live in boston and do the same thing lol. I also love holo polishes and got this one as well. Have you tried at all she has all kinds of holo polish at great prices. She is located in CO and you get points every time you shop on her site.

    1. Ah I have heard of them actually, and I've more than once browsed there. I'm really tempted to get the gumption to shell out for some polishes from there one of these days, but for some reason I always chicken out.

      But haha I'm glad you understand then, cold or not, iced coffee is always tasty and relevant!




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