rms cream shadow in magnetic is quite polarizing

rms beauty cream shadow in magnetic

Last week, at the end of a long week, a cheap bottle of wine from Target and I went on a bender that ended up with me putting a few beauty products into my Beautylish shopping cart and pressing "confirm order". Nothing too serious, mind you, both were products I'd thought about getting previously, and it seemed my friend Pinot Grigio helped me get over the "wow that's a bit much" jump and into the "let's blow some money" zone.

One of my said purchases is from rms, a beauty line I have heard occasionally about through a magazine or two and some blogs. The reviews on Beautylish were already quite clear: this cream shadow is ok, but not amazing. With that in mind, I bought it anyways.

My high-yet-terribly low expectations are not disappointed.

I suppose I should explain: the reviews I read said the wear is poor and creasing is hell, but the color and sheen are gorgeous. And ah, the sheen it gives! The sexy, subtle, glimmery sheen! That was what I really wanted these for.

Sheen? Sexy. Messy and poorly-lit bedroom? Not so sexy.
 It does deliver the sheen, as promised. The color I chose is Magnetic, a taupe-y color with a silver sheen that also runs slightly red/mauveish. Gorgeous color, very natural looking on my lids, which I'm really enamored with. It also spreads incredibly easily and evenly onto the lids and makes my lids look very smooth. There's no real problems with any patchiness either, the pigment is easy to disperse and doesn't build up or cake.

The reviews don't lie, though: the wear time is utter shit. This will crease in about 10 minutes of application. And for what reason? Why do these wear so poor?

If you know anything about rms, you will know it's because they've made the staple of their company the bacon of the beauty world: coconut oil.

It's literally the first ingredient.

Sexy, sexy bacon...I mean coconut oil.
Now, coconut oil isn't bad, persay, but it has the habit of melting at body temperature. So used as the main based for something that's going on your face? Something with pigment? Something that is using that coconut oil to help stick that pigment to your face?

You can see where I'm going with this. It's gonna melt off like the faces of those dudes in Raiders of the Lost Ark. (A movie I only remember for the trauma it gave me as a child, by the way.) The creasing can somewhat be remedied by occasionally patting the pigment back into place or reapplying, and the sheen stays even once the pigment fades, but anyone who you've seen reviewing these giving them 5 stars and saying they're the best cream eyeshadow ever is probably lying.

rms doesn't lie about them. They don't promise anything crease-free or long-wearing or anything of the sort. Their advice is "[apply] very sparingly and [work] into the skin like you would a moisturizer." So, at least they haven't really failed any promises they made. Still, at $28 USD a pop, these are kind of pricey for the wear time and effort they require. Like I said, they're not bad persay just...mildly annoying. (But...but...so pretty!)

And despite all this mess I'm...probably not returning it.

Because I came to win for the sheen. And I kinda did get what I came for.

Where to buy: Beautylish, $28


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