Matte for Rimmel's Stay Matte Foundation!!

Wearing 100 Ivory in indoor lighting.

I can't help myself, really. I just love matte things! Matte lipstick, matte blush, matte polish, and now...matte foundation. I sense a trend here.

There's something about matte that's polished and clean and not too overdone.And, given lately my foundation has been running low, when I came across a display of the new Rimmel Stay Matte foundations, I couldn't help but pick one up, especially since the display came with a dollar off coupon.

The shade I chose was 100, Ivory, which has proved to be a decent match for my skintone. Upon coming out of the tube it seems a little dark, but blended in it matches nicely without being too dark or orange-y. I was skeptical of this range at first since the display listed the (seemingly) porcelain Georgia May Jagger as wearing 200, but I'll chalk that up to the awful wonders of lighting and photoshop.

100 Ivory in indoor lighting.

That said, this doesn't seem like much of a range for darker girls, as the shades don't extend very far past 200, which saddens me, because I really wish everyone could enjoy this formula.

 I find it nice, it has plenty of the good old 'cones, which provide a smooth base and make the skin look nice and smooth. Even my mother commented on how smooth my skin looked, which was nice. I also find it wears pretty well, keeping up even after several hours. However, disclaimer, I do set mine with powder, so your mileage may vary.

But as someone with somewhat oily/combo skin, I love this formula and the coverage it gives. A nice, smooth matte base, and enough pigment to cover redness so I don't need much extra concealer. It's not incredibly ideal, as it doesn't totally cover pores and can settle into them if you have too much of it on, but overall for a drugstore foundation, I'm in love with this little tube.

I imagine I will stay Matte-ly in love for a while to come.


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