I'm blue over you, Laura Mercier Crème Liner in Cobalt!

Laura Mercier Crème Liner in Cobalt with its partner in crime, my MUFE 250 Extra Fine Liner Brush.

Actually wait, that's not right...because I'm over the moon about this little pot. What's the color for happy? Yellow? Hm, that just doesn't quite sound the same...

It's well-loved.
Quick story time of how I came to own this gem: I bypassed the LM counter at Macy's and a little pot of bright blue caught my eye. In that instant I lusted. I wanted. I left Macy's with that pot in my head, and a few weeks later Sephora had a special sale with 15% off for me. (I'm only a BI, my habit is clearly not habitual enough.)

You can fill in the rest from there, I suppose.

I love this liner. The name is definitely one to pay attention to, as it is a cream, not a gel. You can tell by the texture and the color, which is a milky cobalt rather than a deep, more translucent one.

In natural light.
The texture is great, very easy to work with, though sometimes it does get a teensy bit patchy in spots if you don't load up the brush properly. Luckily though it's easy to go over and fix that, and adding more over dried spots doesn't yield the dreaded erased liner effect. It's described as:
"Waterproof and designed for extended wear (up to eight hours), it is smudge-proof, transfer-resistant, and crease-free."
I find these claims pretty true for the most part. I can't say too much about waterproof, as I am not one for water ballet, but for the most part it is difficult to get off without oil or an oil-based remover. It doesn't migrate into my crease whatsoever, and if I use a primer I find transfer is very minimal. (It still happens to me regardless of how "transfer-free" something claims to be, but this is honestly one of the liners I've tried that transfers least. To me it transfers less than my go-to black liner, the MUFE No 27 Aqua Cream.)

Also in natural light. Hopefully you can see what I mean by the "cream" and not gel.

This is after I washed and scrubbed my arm with soap. This is one that will require some type of oil-based remover. It is STRONG.
I love wearing this as a winged liner with a minimal face for a nice pop of color. To me it feels very summery, which is perfect now as we turn to June.

I apologize for failing the #nofilter test.
Where to buy: Laura Mercier Crème Liner ($23.00) can be found here at Sephora.


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