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Yesterday we ended up having a little outing, got dressed up and went out to eat for lunch. The place we ended up going was a cute, kitschy Italian restauraunt called Mama Maria. My favorite part was that on the last page of the menu they listed all their staff and what languages each of them spoke. At least three of them spoke five languages each!

Everything is so lush and green lately!
Our waiter seemed to be German originally, he mumbled some numbers in German, and when he brought us our wine I thanked him in German and he seemed surprised and asked where I was from.

Being here in Finland is so different for me because it's the first time I feel very excited when someone asks where I'm from. I feel very proud to be American, and to meet all kinds of people and exchange cultural points of view. I love learning everything.

I truly can't wait until the day I can introduce myself in Finnish and converse with everyone in their native tongue instead of mine.



  1. Mama Maria sounds amazing! I'm curious, what sort of weather are you experiencing in Finland?

    1. I'm originally from Wisconsin in the US, so the weather is pretty similar. A week ago it was warm and in the 80s F (amazing for May!) and now it's cooled down a bit and it's more in the 50s-60s. For some reason to me it feels warmer than back home, but I think that's because I'm near Helsinki, which is quite far South? Either way it's pretty comfortable and I'm prepared for all the snow come winter!




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