Cruel Cruel Summer

Celebration cake!
How is your summer going? Has it been well?

Mine has been so busy and tiring and full of sweat and immigration paperwork--it's a chore to think about it. I clearly haven't had much time to write, I also sadly haven't been wearing much makeup. Something about the heat makes me want to put practically nothing on my face, since I end up plastered in sweat anyway just going to the grocer.

On my eyes are my beloved Darling Girl Barabarella and Fyrinnae Rapunzel!

Thursday I put on a full face of makeup for the first time in weeks, since I had an interview for my residence permit application. They gave me good marks and said I should get a permit just fine, so I'm very happy. I can now melt into a careless puddle for a few weeks.

I hope your summer is finding you equally carefree and worry-free!


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