Review: Freeman Star Fruit Purifying Paper Mask

Yo! Today, while stopping at Walmart on my way home from work, I came across a beautiful thing. (Or well, more than one, because they also had the LE Maybelline colored mascaras, but more on that later.)

But behold! Sheet masks!

I'm really in love with the packaging I cant help myself.

My dear BFF Cait raves about the wonders of a good sheet mask and bemoans how there aren't nearly enough in the states. Being already a huge fan of Freeman's clay masks and owning way too many tubes of them, I decided to grab one of each of these.

First up: Starfruit! The package says "purifying and helps control oil".

Ingredient list. I'm please to see the main players from the package tagline and mask name listed as some of the first ingredients too.
From the Freeman website:

Breakouts? Irritation? Skin needs serious soothing. This serum-infused paper facial mask with Star Fruit helps calm skin stressed by flare-ups. Lavender and Niacinamide help balance oil production. Tea Tree soothes breakout-stressed skin. Witch Hazel refreshes and minimizes the appearance of pores. Lift the paper and press serum into skin to prep for moisturizer and prime for make-up. Perfect for combination to oily skin types.
Given my skin has been breakout city lately, this was number one on my list to try out.

I washed my face with my standard cleanser, then ate some dinner and eagerly ripped open the mask...only to have the serum drip out a little onto my bed. Maybe if this wasn't my first real sheet mask I would've been a bit wiser and known better?

Slightly blurry instructions.
Either way the fragrance is pleasant, fruity but not synthetic or too strong. The package says it contains tea tree oil but the mask has none of the common herbal, medicinal smell tea tree oil products tend to have. The serum is a little sticky but once it dries down and absorbs it becomes less sticky and it's not something I felt I had to wash off my fingers once I'd rubbed it in.

I wore the mask about 10 minutes, maybe, and I was surprised how much drier it was upon peeling it off. I'm hoping that means most of the serum absorbed into my skin. I also patted the remainder of it into my face and didn't rinse as the instructions said. My face still felt a bit sticky but after a little while the serum fully absorbed and now my skin feels plump, clean and soft but not tight, sticky or slick.

I really admit I don't know how to rate this mask because masks are usually meant to be used as a treatment over weeks, in my opinion. But overall as a first impression? I liked it very much. It'd be nice for when I don't feel like messing with a clay mask or for travel, I think.

Here's hoping that when I wake up tomorrow breakout city will be population: zero.

Where to buy: Freeman, $1.99; Wal-mart stores, $1.39 (but the masks I picked up all had an instant 50 cent off coupon, so I got them for even cheaper!!!!)


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