Review: Maybelline I See Blue! Mascara

I have been searching for a decent cheap blue mascara for months.

Granted, Maybelline seems to have a permanent one, but upon seeing the packaging I'm always afraid it's not bright enough for me. I was excited to hear they were bringing back their colored mascaras again, and even more excited when I'd spotted them at Walmart yesterday for under 4 bucks each.

So, without further ado...I See Blue! (Cute Maybelline, cute.)

From the outside of the package I thought it'd be super vibrant. It's not quite as vibrant as I'd hoped, but still pretty dang blue.

 As you can see here I tried to swatch it on my hand but Maybelline's small brush doesn't give much product. It takes a few coats to build up good color, though it does give pretty decent color.

Wearing it on bottom lashes only in these shots. It's definitely blue, though still subtle from a distance. It's not the !!!BLUE!!! I was hoping for, but for four bucks I guess one can't totally complain.

And I did have one nice thing to say at the end of the day:

I wore it for over 8 hours at work, a ta-dah! NO raccoon eyes! (My biggest fear, I was dreading the blue smudges should it not hold up.) Granted, today was a cooler day here, so I don't know how this will hold up in 80F+ heat, but at the very least it holds up better for daily wear than some other mascaras I own.

Verdict? It's about 4 bucks and applies and wears like it's 4 bucks. Can't complain, I feel like I got what I paid for here. Not bad Maybelline, not bad.

Where to buy: Walmart, $3.97; various other drugstores, price varies


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