Review: Maybelline Wink of Pink Mascara

If you ask me, it's refreshing to see colored mascara that's not blue, purple, or emerald green. So, naturally, when I saw Maybelline had a bright pink mascara, I was compelled to pick it up along with I See Blue.

I am nothing if not a huge fan of pink, after all.

Upon opening the tube, the mascara wasn't as neon pink as I expected, more pastel. Still, promising. I seemed to get more product on the brush with this one, I wonder if it's because I had opened it once before to look at it before I used it. I was able to get a better swatch this time.

The mascara went on easy enough, it took a few coats to make sure I covered all my lashes properly, but it was plenty opaque and bright. The small brush is easy to control but like I said, the problem with this is it's so bright that it's hard to make sure all the lashes are properly covered. As a result, they can easily get clumpy or over-saturated by mistake.

It almost looks like I have no make-up on at all, haha!

As you can see, it's certainly bright enough head-on, though from the side it appears a bit darker and more flattering. I think if you're looking for a more flattering shade of color mascara, something like the darker red one in this line might be a better choice. For me personally it's fun but doesn't add enough definition and almost kind of washes my face out. It might be fun for cosplay though, if I ever cosplay any pink-haired beauts!

Also, like I See Blue, this one was at least nice in that for me it didn't flake or smudge while on. It's not the most flattering color, but I saw if you're looking for a cheap pink mascara for fun or cosplay or whatever, this one is a good choice that will leave your wallet happy.

Where to buy: Walmart, $3.97; various other drugstores, price varies


  1. I bought the purple and pink for a dance my daughter was going to and I didnt love them on myself but on a peachy perfect face going to a rave themed party worked out nicely, ill use them for holloween and then toss them im really not thrilled with them and never have been of great lash

  2. Well at least there's always theme parties then, I'm glad you at least got a few uses out of them, even if they're not really perfect!




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