Review: Bourjois 10 Hr Sleep Effect Foundation 72 Rose Clair

Bourjois 10 Hr Sleep Effect Foundation 72 Rose Clair & Ecotools brush.

Long time no post, forgive me, I had a rather hectic August somehow and I bought some stuff for review but never got around to actually posting. This is not one of those things, but rather something I just got in the mail the other day.

I've been addicted to British Beauty Blogs (the dreaded triple B) lately and had seen Bourjois mentioned a lot. The lovely Lisa Eldridge had also used this foundation in one of her videos, and I, being on the hunt for a new foundation, was intrigued and went off to ebay to find it...

Only to totally chicken out. I did that on and off for about a month. Reviews of it seemed hard to find, and I wasn't sure. Would the shade I was eyeing up match? Would it be ok?

Thankfully, my bravery has paid off, as so far I think I like this foundation quite nicely. The girl at my local MAC counter recently matched me as an NW15 so I went with Rose Clair, the second shade in this line-up. It's a sheerer foundation, so it's more forgiving in terms of shade matching.

The bottle is quite smaller, smaller than I had expected, but that's not a bad thing. I kind-of enjoy that it doesn't take up much space and is quite lightweight. The pump is a nice touch because it means you can't really accidentally dispense too much. One pump should probably be enough if you're going for a sheerer look, but I went for 2 pumps this morning just to get it all going.

1 pump, unblended

1 pump, blended out with a buffing flat top brush

The formula is quite watery/liquidy, but I like that sheerer feeling, especially because it seems less likely to cake up. The scent is lightly floral and powdery, but it's rather pleasant. When I swatched in on my hand yesterday evening after it arrived I kept smelling my hand haha! The scent fades pretty quickly but occasionally throughout the day I do get an occasional whiff of it again, but like I said I like it. It reminds me of Covergirl blush, very traditional "make-up" scent.

No makeup in natural light, before foundation. This was actually taken after I had my morning coffee, I swear.

2 pumps of Bourjois 10 Hr Sleep over Smashbox Photofinish Primer. Dark circles also somewhat concealed with a dab of Flower Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer in BC2.
The foundation is also supposed to have vitamins E, F and B5 to help skin perk up and look refreshed. I'm not sure if they're supposed to work right away or if it's an "over time" thing, but either way I think this foundation is a nice sheer one for me, good for evening out skin without being too heavy.

Hopefully with this up my sleeve I'll at least look awake for the 8:30am shifts I have coming my way!

Where to buy: price varies, mine was about $14 plus S&H from ebay. Also available at drugstores for French & lucky UK kids across the pond; also sold on Amazon by Bourjois & other sellers, but shipping can be a downer; read full range of shades & the full product info here at the Bourjois website.


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