Review: Inglot Amc Lipgloss 546

When Spring came, I was obsessed with holograms. Well, that's not totally true, not the "was" part, because I still am obsessed with hologram stuff. I love the nostalgia of it all, reminders of tacky 90s stickers and Lisa Frank.

I came across this gloss at the Inglot store in Lahti, Finland when I visited earlier this year towards the end of February. It was a little much but just looking at it...I had to have it. The prismatic shine! It was too much!

It comes in 6 shades from Inglot, but the one I'm focusing on here is the insane rainbow beauty that is 546.

Swatched on arm

Sheered out on arm
However, with the beauty that is this gloss, there are also two downsides. However, first onto the good: It's non-sticky and hydrating, actually the texture is quite slicky and almost a little oily feeling. It reminds me of how I remember Liquid Lip Smackers feeling back in the day. But the prismatic hologram effect actually does come through on the lips! It's just a bit subtle. If you're looking at buying a tube of this stuff, do not expect the insane shine in the tube to translate directly to your lips. This is a gloss, not a nail polish, after all. The natural color of your lips will affect the color, as it is somewhat sheer. Usually I use about two wand pulls of my lips and blot the excess from the inside of my mouth. This builds up enough color to see the prismatic effect without being too heavy.

I should also add on my lips the color I see most is the orange/pink side of the gloss, with the veerrrryyy teeniest hint of green from the far corner.
Picture of me wearing AMC lipgloss indoors, in natural light.

Picture of me wearing AMC lipgloss in my car, in outdoor natural light.

However, this brings us to a downsides: the scent and the wear time.

Firstly, the scent. Inglot has given this gloss a fruity scent that is almost a little too much. To be real, I'd probably wear this gloss more if the scent wasn't too much. If you really are ok with strong scented glosses you'll probably be fine, but if you're sensitive, I'd sadly advise you to avoid this one. I don't really know exactly how to classify the "fruit" scent it has, kinda berry-ish maybe? It's just quite strong, and while it disappears on the lips, the scent itself is strong enough to kinda stick with you anyway. Besides the scent the gloss is tasteless though, and the Inglot website lists it as paraben-free.

Secondly, the force is not strong with this one. Wear time is short. And I don't mean bermuda shorts short, I mean like Britney Spears denim cutoffs with the pockets hanging out short. The gloss will stick around and hydrate lips probably for a good 2-3 hours, but the prismatic effect itself kinda wears off after about thirty minutes to an hour. It does still leave you with a nice shine, which is flattering, but if you're looking to wear this out to a party and want that holographic effect to go all night long, you better be prepared for some serious bathroom trip mileage to go down.

It's just...

so hard...

to capture all the colors it can be!

So overall, for the price, is it worth it? (It runs around $16 USD, I think I actually paid more like $22 with the Euro>USD conversion rate.) It depends on the uniqueness factor I think. Is the uniqueness of the product worth a slight splurge? It's up to you, really. Hopefully if it's something you invest in, you love it. But if you just don't have time for constantly reapplying your hologram glam, you're probably better off skipping out on this one.

(Also pssst, for some other cool lip swatches, I recommend looking at Beautylish, since they clearly are using better stuff than just a smartphone camera.)

Where to buy: Beautylish, $16; Inglot stores, price varies depending on country.




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