#obsessed, aka My Beautylish Order and Review: Armour Beauty Lipgloss in Kashmir

There are companies, and then there are companies, you hear me?

I think Beautylish is one of those companies, the kind that totally gets exactly what kind of customers they have and what they want. Or at the very least, they know what I want (probably before I know I want it).

But anyways, onto the good stuff. I had been awaiting this order in the mail and it came today, on the predicted delivery day (!! always a good thing, right?), and I just had to talk about it because it is cute as all get-out.

Before I get to what was in the box, the box:

Adorably wrapped, and sealed with a kiss. D'aaaw. ♥

Packed (with love) by Kelly. Thanks Kelly! I hope you are having a good day today too.

 Under the tissue was the card you see above. On the front it says OBSESSED, natch. And the back?
Awww, you guys really know how to make a girl feel loved.
For someone who's contact with humanity today consisted of the girl working the Starbucks drive-thru, this really warmed me in the depths of my soul. Who says internet shopping can't be personal?

And, of course, onto the goods: Armour Beauty lipgloss.

Kelly this is cute as hell. You did good.

Just look at that shimmer. Yeah, that's the good stuff.

I discovered Armour Beauty after wandering over to Beautylish for I-forget-what reason.Armour Beauty is by Theo Kogan, originally a rocker chic turned model, who's now turned beauty guru with her own line of rocker chic lipgloss, designed to be "long wearing, paraben free and never tested on animals". I had been thinking of buying a NARS lipgloss but became #obsessed with trying one of these, so I bit the proverbial beauty bullet and went for it.

It kinda surprised me how small the tube was, but at the same time that's kinda nice because it'll fit easily into tiny purse pouches and jean pockets. The color I chose was Kashmir (named after a Led Zepplin song I should probably go Youtube after I finish this post), described as "lustrous light pink shimmer". It definitely has the shimmer part down, but not so much you look like you just got out of the club. I chose this shade partially because I was hoping it'd brighten up my face for a nice 'no-makeup' type day when I don't wanna put much on.

Without flash

With flash

It's listed as having a "vanilla/grapefruit" scent, but it's very faint. It's not as strong as brands like MAC's vanilla scented lipsticks and glosses at all. It's just slightly vanilla-y and sweet, but once put on the lips it kinda just has that classic "lipstick/gloss" scent, if you understand what I mean by that at all. The long-wear part def comes into play here with how sticky it is. Not a bad thing, and luckily it's not so sticky you'll be ungluing your lips from each other all day. It is, however, the type of sticky that'll probably attract your hair on a windy day, so tie those locks back!

There is some transfer when eating/drinking, but the gloss doesn't fully wear off while doing so. I have some on the rim of the cup of ginger tea I'm currently drinking, but most of the gloss I put on is still firmly planted on my lips.

Arm swatch in natural light.
The only think I'm really not a super huge fan of is how sticky it is, just because it's harder to spread and fully coat the lips from the tube, and it does make the gloss a little heavy feeling. Personally I prefer a less sticky gloss, but I think it's just a texture I need to get used to, since I've avoided sticky glosses like the plague after a particularly bad Victoria's Secret one left me feeling like I'd superglued my lips to each other.

The color on this one is also a bit sheer, but I'm pretty sure that just is a result of the gloss I picked more than anything, which is more of a shimmer-based color. The other colors in this collection do seem a bit more pigmented, and perhaps less dupeable than this shade as well. This color is more of an enhancing color than anything else (which is what I originally bought it for so...I guess that worked out?). If I buy again I'll probably go for a bit of a more unique or pigmented shade like Dreaming or Grace, especially at the tune of $21.00 for a tube.

I'll def be toting this to work with me tomorrow to test out these long-wear shenanigans further. A lipgloss that can hold up to rocking is one thing, but an eight-hour pharmacy shift? That's a real challenge imo!

Where to buy: Beautylish, $21.00; Armour Beauty, $21.00


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