Review: Freeman Rose Brightening Facial Paper Mask

After trying Freeman's previous paper masks, I had stashed this one away in my drawer and forgot about it until the other night. I thought well, it's probably about time to try it out, right? I'd saved it for last mostly due to my bias of the pretty pink package...

Pretty as a rose, but does it smell as sweet?

Freeman describes this mask as:
Be on the bright side! Serum-infused paper facial mask with Rose Extract, rich in skin-brightening Vitamin C, illuminates dull skin. Reveal a smoother surface with Lactic and Glycolic alpha hydroxy acids. White Tea and Licorice antioxidants help reduce age spots for more even-toned skin. Lift the paper and press serum into skin to prep for moisturizer and prime for make-up. Perfect for dull skin types.
I don't think I'm necessarily a dull girl (or at least I like to think not) but I thought it can't really hurt to try this out anyways. At worst my skin might end up the equivalent of Ross' teeth on that one episode of Friends.

One thing I really like about Freeman's products is that you at least usually can see the extracts and ingredients promised in the list, and usually they're not the last ingredients either. It's a little fuzzy up there but after water and niacinamide (not as scary as it sounds) there's also glycerin, aloe, and a little farther down the promised lactic and glycolic acids and the rose and licorice extracts.

The one thing I really don't get about these masks though are the added colors? Like it's serum on a paper sheet so I don't understand Freeman's need to make this one pink or the Agave version blue. Like I'm not gonna be freaked out if somehow the serum doesn't match the package color. In fact, in kinda weirds me out more that it does?

Either way I applied as instructed, let it chill on my face for about 10 minutes before peeling off the sheet and patting the serum into my face.

Now, this isn't the worst mask I've used, but I don't think it's that great either. The serum just ended up making my skin feel a bit itchy (though luckily not tight or dry). It wasn't drying but moreso just...there. Kinda sticky and itchy, and I ended up putting some moisturizer on once it had dried up because I couldn't stand it haha!

Personally it's not for me and I'll probably stick to my clay masks for than this one, but at less than two bucks it's worth trying out to see maybe if you're not as annoyed by the after feeling as I am.

Where to buy: Freeman, $1.99; Walmart and other various drugstores, prices vary


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