kiss and make-up

Do you have a make-up fear? Do you have a look to try or something to master that somehow you can't? Like it never seems to be a good day to do it.

Ah! I say. I have work today, I can't! If I mess it up it'll take forever to fix!

I have the day off today but I can't! I say. I want to do something easy!

I am terribly afraid, shall I tell you about it?

For some reason, my make-up fear is liquid eyeliner. Really, there's nothing so scary about it, right? It wipes off. It's not like it's going to set my eyebrows on fire, so what's to fear?

Somehow I'm just terribly afraid of getting it everywhere and having to take everything off and start all over. It just seems so exhausting to think about.

But I decided to kiss and make-up with my liquid eyeliner. I went into it with only the half intention of doing it, and then suddenly I swallowed my fear and dosed my veins with a good half ounce of self-forgiveness and before I knew it my hand moved on its own and was drawing a line.

And it turned out fine.

All I really had to fix was the tips of one of my wings (they were going in completely different directions at first, truly a masterpiece to behold)and I was done. The line was a little bumpy in some parts but overall did not look like I did it while half-intoxicated or that I'd somehow reverted back to the motor skills of a preschooler while drawing it. It looked fine. Everything was ok.

I really had nothing to be afraid of at all.


  1. Yay!! I love liquid liner, and I don't think its anything to be afraid of. You look beautiful with it on!

  2. Aw, thank you very much! I'm super happy with it because creams and gels and pencils transfer like crazy on my lids! I'm happy because once I put this on it actually stayed all day. Liquid liner is worth it haha!




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