Review: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow

The other day I had the pleasure of visiting a Boston Store with a Bobbi Brown counter. It's a good thing ours doesn't have one, because I would probably live there.

I fell in love with Bobbi Brown last January when I purchased my first product of her's, the High Shimmer lipgloss in Canary. Gorgeous, wonderful. The girl at the counter was super friendly and sweet and made shopping there a lot of fun. I actually probably became an addict partially because of her!

I bought these cream shadows about two months ago from Macy's, and I am totally in love. I spent a few good hours looking up swatches just to make sure the colors were just right. Finally I settled on Ballet Pink, a lovely cool pink with a slight shimmer, and Antique Gold, a pewter with lots of depth and sparkle to it.

I like to apply them with my finger. They dry down in a good 30 seconds and after that they won't budge. No creasing, no flaking, they don't wear off even if you rub your eyes. They're perfect for me, and I love them.

Ballet Pink is a bit hard to see on my skin because it's very close to my flesh tone, just a wee bit pinker and cooler. (And of course shimmery, sadly I do not have natural shimmering skin. Ha, I wish!)I love it for just a quick dab to brighten up my lids on days when I'm looking less-than-three-cups-of-coffee perky.

Antique Gold is perfect to put on for a bit of glamour without worrying about fallout. It's like glitter glue for your lids and easily stays put like a good eyeshadow should. Above the sparkle looks mostly gold, but it's so much more than that! It's the kind of thing you really have to see in person to truly marvel at the color of. It does apply on the sheer side, so it's more of a wash of sparkle than full-on crystallized lids, but personally I'm ok with that. It gives a subtle and sophisticated sparkle for the grown-up part of me but the cream texture and glittery goodness still resonate deeply with my inner kindergartner.

Overall I can't rave about these enough. The only downside they present whatsoever is that since they're creams they do tend to stick to the little bumps or any rough spots you might have on your lids, but for me that's a minor detail. They're also a tiny bit pricey, like a lot of Bobbi's stuff, but overall you don't need much and I have a feeling these will last me a loooong time.

Where to buy: Bobbi Brown, $25.00


  1. Very pretty! I am a huge bobbi brown fan as well!

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