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Orly MatteFX in Purple Velvet

I think sometimes there are just those beauty products that, no matter how much you look at them and shrug them off initially, you find them slowly worming their way into your heart until you suddenly have to buy it. Orly MatteFX Purple Velvet was like that for me. I saw it at my local Sally's, swatched it, thought about it, then shrugged it off and walked out.

So why was it, a week later, I found myself back there with the determination to own it? What possessed me? I still honestly am not quite sure. I have quite the soft spot for matte finishes, since I find them very polished and sophisticated-looking, but I'm still not sure what drew me to this particular one. Maybe it's that soft shade of red-purple, the perfect Autumn color. Maybe it's the sleek frosted glass Orly bottle. Maybe it's the hidden, barely noticeable sparkles.

Maybe it's just everything, or none of those at all.

Either way, while at around $7.99 this isn't the best bargain for a matte polish, it's certainly a dream to own. I've worn it and gotten multiple compliments, which I think is a surefire sign it's a keeper. The formula is also pretty well-made. The only downside is it can be a slight bit patchy so one much take care when applying to avoid streaks or pooling due to the thickness, but it dries down to a lovely, low-sheen matte that wears easily and for at least a good 5+ days without chips or anything besides minor tip wear.

Why am I so in love with it? I'm honestly not really sure. I just know that while it's not the most unique shade, it is a nice dusty purple that I don't own anything like, and it's a very low-maintenance polish once it dries, since no topcoat is needed.

But when all is said and done, who cares what the reason is? Who needs a reason to love something at all? When it comes to that sort of thing, it really doesn't matte(r), does it? Just let your heart be your beauty guide. ♥


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