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Fyrinnae shadows in Rapunzel Had Extensions, Koala, Work Safe Blue, Agenda, Serendipity.
It is Sunday. My skin is a mess and for breakfast I had leftover spagetti noodles with butter and curry paste and like 3 cups of coffee. I wore snow boots without socks over my pajamas to the grocer up the street to buy milk.

Can't have coffee without maito.

It is very much Sunday.


I decided it would be a good day to swatch some Fyrinnae shadows I forgot about, and re-swatch two of my old favorites. Last time I swatched these I was much less experienced and the pictures were done with a cell phone in my bathroom.

Today I actually took time to try out the white balance settings and macro function on my camera. That's progress.

L to R: Rapunzel, Work Safe Blue, Koala, Serendipty, Agenda
These were swatched with UDPP/PE at the top of the swatches and then just UDPP on the bottom.

Rapunzel, WSB, Koala close-ups.

Koala, Serendipity, Agenda close-ups.

That blue shift, they're not kidding about the "blue" part of Work Safe Blue.

Fyrinnae makes a mean eyeshadow. And by "mean" I guess I mean the exact opposite: they play nice. Buttery, super smooth, very metallic and shiny without being too overly glittery for me. I am not a fan of chunky glitter in my shadows, but shimmer I love.

These are really, really hard for me to capture on camera, which causes me intense pain because the way Rapunzel shifts gold to green! The blue sheen of Work Safe Blue! The soft pink of Agenda!

I actually stopped in the middle of swatching these to say to my girlfriend, "Babe, c'mere. Look at these. THEY'RE SO PRETTY RIGHT? They're so pretty. God they're pretty."

Agenda: I had gotten this a while back, it's from their Pride 2013 collection. It's a deep purple-grey with a soft pink sheen to it. It's not like Rapunzel or Serendipity, it's much more satin than shimmery or glittery.

Serendipity: This is a deep coppery type of shade that is dark when built up but sheered out much softer. It has the most gorgeous red shift to it that just glows when it's on the eye. It's good on its own or layered over other shadows. My favorite eyeshadow EVER.

Koala: This is a soft satin taupe that looks grey in the jar but applies slightly warmer and more pink when blended out. It's a gorgeous everyday shade.

Work Safe Blue: Another taupe (all the taupes) that is a bit more chocolatey than Koala. It has a gorgeous glowy blue shift that makes it neutral but with a crazy twist. I wavered on picking this up initially but after seeing swatches over at Maquillage Magpie I was enticed. No regrets.

Rapunzel Had Extensions: Hoooly melon balls Batman. This is a gorgeous melon color, even more orange and bright and melon-y than my other favorite melon, Darling Girl Barbarella. It's the craziest coral shadow that has a gold shift, but then when you turn it tinges ever so slightly green. This is gorgeous as anything: plain, layered, haphazard slap of color on the eyelids when you're running late, anything. Do you like pink, gold, orange, melons, or uh I dunno...everything? Buy this color.

A happy family.
Ok in addition to these swatches though, I DO have one more purpose for this post. It is a purpose that was a created out of accident. Most good things are created on accident, right? Pretty sure ice cream was, and waffle cones, and like...corndogs.

Anyways yesterday we were heading out to the Christmas Fair at my girlfriend's university and I was throwing some makeup on my face. I thought I grabbed a clean brush and began applying a quick coat of Blackbird's Atlas, but I realized it didn't look like I remembered!

Rapunzel was still on my brush, so they layered, and it was crazy gorgeous. So now I present: Blackbird and Fyrinnae Layering Fun!

L to R (Bottom to top): Atlas with Rapunzel layered over it, Immortals with Serendipity layered over it, Fire Pledge with Work Safe Blue layered over it.

God it's shiny.

Swatches only done over UDPP.

Honestly, not much else to say except this is a great way to double your shadow collection without spending a dime if you already own these shades, and the effect is gorgeous. I think Atlas and Rapunzel is going to become my default look for a long time...

Where to buy: Fyrinnae can be purchased here on their website; Blackbird is available here on Etsy.


  1. Can't EVER regret Work Safe Blue, man! :) I absolutely love the Fyrinnae shadows layered over Blackbird mattes!

    1. God it is seriously one of the best shadows ever, and I'm not even a big blue/cool colors shadow person!! And ikr? God I'm on such a Blackbird kick I probably sound like their worst stan but I REGRET NOTHING.

  2. God it is seriously one of the best shadows ever, and I'm not even a big blue/cool colors shadow person!! And ikr? God I'm on such a Blackbird kick I probably sound like their worst stan but I REGRET NOTHING.




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