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Essie Gold as It Gets over Essie Wicked

I know, I didn't clean the edges up yet. Sue me.

My nails are, for all intents and purposes, absolutely awful at this time. Having and immune system that likes to attack its own commander from the inside out will do that. As such, I've turned to applying falsies occasionally to make my broken nails and arthritic fingers better able to wear nail polish, which is one of my biggest and favorite vices after lipstick.

Fake nails are way too expensive for me to just enjoy being able to buy once a few months without some sort of conscience guilt, so I bought some nice oval ones off of eBay for a few bucks. They came and were too long for my taste, so I cut and filed them until I felt like they were short enough but still long and pointy enough to make me feel like an appropriate witchy badass or something.

They do make it a bit challenging to type though. I feel like one of those cats wearing shoes you always see on Youtube.


  1. Love this colour! was considering buying it to replace my Revlon 'Vixen' since they discontinued it :(

  2. Aw dang. :( It's a nice color though, takes more than one coat to get it opaque but it evens out pretty easily.




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