#gemglam week 3: wearable peridot

"Go to earth, they said. It'll be easy, they said..."
Ah, we've reached homeworld gems now! Both this and Amethyst have been incredibly fun for me so far because they're colors I normally don't use in my looks at all. In addition, Peridot is also my birthstone, so I guess I have extra reasons to do this look justice, haha.

"That's them alright. They're the ones who keep breaking my machines!"

I wanted to keep this look very clean for the most part, and very minimal. Peridot is that clinical, single-minded, "sciencey" type from what we've seen of her, so I wanted to reflect that with something that wasn't too overdone. I also wanted to keep it very sharp and graphic, since Peridot has a whoooole lotta angles going on.

For this look I primed my lids and applied Blackbird's Half-Full as a base, and then applied Shiro's Moon Prism Power all over the top lid and bottom lashline. I chose it because it's a light pinky white color, but it has an eerie green shift, which I thought was perfect to mimic the "glow" Peridot's ship and computer screens give off.  I then mixed Shiro's Fourth Be With You with Missha's Magic Eye Change foiling serum and used it to line my bottom lashline, and then mixed the serum with Blackbird's Lucid and used it to line the top lid. I took a bit of May the Fourth Be With You on a fluffy brush and blended it in the center over my crease for a bit of an extra eerie glow. Finally, mascara on the bottom lashes only, to add to the clean minimalism of everything and just add a little necessary definition to the eyes.

"Tell me...have...Stevens replaced humans as Earth's dominant species?"
For my face I used TonyMoly's Goddess Aura BB, which is quite full coverage, and then powdered it well to get a nice matte finish. I also dabbed a bit of it on my lips to give them a nice muted quality. I mixed Moon Prism Power with some of Fyrinnae's Center Stage highlighter and dabbed it everywhere to get a nice green highlight to go with the eyes. I also used a little of Hello Waffle's Puddin' Cup contour to give me face a bit of warmth and sculpt. Gotta work those angles!

"Don't touch that! You clods don't know what you're doing!"
So overall a very minimal look this week, but still a lot of fun! Peridot is a character we don't know much about, but I look forward to her inevitable return. Next week will be a far more dramatic look, and I'm really excited because I have big plans. I've enjoyed putting a lot of though into planning my looks each week, and I hope everyone is enjoying seeing them!

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  1. you have that perfect "I am Peridot and I'm so sick of all you EARTH LOSERS breaking my shit" expression down too oh my god

  2. i wasnt even trying sob that's just my resting face




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