#gemglam week 2: dramatic amethyst look!

"Let's mash it uuuuup! Bigger, better, better! Ohohohohoooo!"
Today's #GemGlam look is all about the drama fun! I could've probably gone even more 'out there' if I wanted, but I was really set on doing a super grungy smokey eye, and I had to give in. I'd also messed my brows up the other day doing a trial run for this look and I was super happy with how that came out, so I mussed em up good!

"What can I say, I'm scrappy!"
 Amethyst is quite a messy and disorganized type of person (her room is seriously impressive) but also very authentic. She's impulsive, especially when it comes to things she thinks are fun! Last time I wanted to reflect her soft side and vulnerable heart, but this time I want to reflect the other side of her, the one that's gross and messy and "fun mom". The side that's also a little "bad", sometimes not the best influence or judge of good choices, but overall still a lot of fun to be with. She is not always a perfect or good person and resents being told what to do.

"You can't let others treat you like garbage," she says to Steven in Tiger Millionaire. Still, I think sometimes she can mistake love and concern from Pearl and Garnet as them trying to look down on her and tell her who to be. But in the end, despite how they chide Amethyst for being childish, they both love her very much. Amethyst has come a long way in the series so far, she's still impulsive and mischievous but understands Pearl has never seen her as a mistake, and understands more often that Pearl's concern is often purely Pearl's way of showing love, and not her way of telling Amethyst that she's not good enough.

So that was the idea behind this look--the scrappy, mischievous, secret-night-wrestler and macaroni-cheese-stealer Amethyst. A bit selfish, a bit childish, a whole lotta mess, but overall still very loving and loved.
"Ugh I hate it when you're right, you get this look on your face...yeah that's the one."
The shadow may have come out a bit blue for this, so it's not ideal, but I'm still satisfied.

 I used a lot of Notoriously Morbid's Silent Samurai, which is a blue/purple shifting shadow with a ton of gorgeous blue and purple glitter. I started with a base of Urban Decay Perversion all over my lid, and then applied Notoriously Morbid's Watcher to Father over it and blended it out. I darkened up the edges with Blackbird's Lucid and blended it out a lot in a circular motion just under the browbone. I lightened up the lid a bit with Fyrinnae's Agenda in a throwback to my other look, and also applied that on the lower lashline and smoked it out in a very fat arc. To refine it a bit I used Blackbird's Half-Full to smooth out the browbone and inner corner.

Then I took my sample of KaeQ's B.S. Beso and messily patted some in the center of the upper lid to give it some grungy, greasy shine. I patted Silent Samurai over that, and finished off the inner corner and outer edge of my bottom lid with Dark Matter's Polaris.

"And I've got a monster headache..."

That crease-y, grunge goodness.

I didn't use a base on my face at all. I pinpoint concealed some redness and spots but left my dark circles and general overall skin untouched, because I wanted to keep it very stripped and authentic, aside from the dramatic and messy eyes. I also left some of the fallout from the shadow on my cheeks too to add to the "messy" sense. The lips were also left bare, and the skin highlighted to the max with a combo of Fyrinnae's Hollywood Sorcery, Revlon Skinlights in Bare Light and good ol' Vaseline. I also added up a bitof warmth and definition to the cheeks with Hello Waffle's Puddin' Cup Contour used as a blush.

"Never started a car with a key before...Haha! That's way easier!'

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  1. oh my goddd your eyes are so pretty and can you please keep writing more about steven universe because i really enjoyed reading this post and all your thoughts about amethyst!!

  2. Help me Mieke I have so many SUFeels. I can't hold all these feels. Also btw pls tell your friend who cosplayed Amethyst with you that she was perfect!! When I saw her in your one picture I was like "aaah it's like Amethyst has come to life!!"




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