MAC Styled in Sepia needs to come back so i can buy 6 back-up tubes

Please note the photos in this post have been adjusted for lighting tint using photoshop to make the colors of the product appear to true life. However, the product has not been enhanced, saturated or otherwise improved in any way.

When MAC announced their Limited Matte collection last Fall and my friend offered to snag me a tube of Styled in Sepia as a late birthday/early Christmas gift and mail it to me, I never thought she'd be doing me the solidest solid ever done for anyone by anyone before.

That's a really long run-on sentence, but it's true.

My loved bullet of Styled in Sepia.
Styled in Sepia is described by MAC as "dirty cement beige". It's a slightly pink but greyed brown, very muted. The color it comes out on the lips seems to vary a lot, as some people find themselves very washed out while others find it ends up as a slightly strange and offbeat but gorgeous nude. I'm lucky to be in the latter category. On me it's clearly somewhat muted greyed brown-pink.

The formula is MAC's classic matte formula, which I love. It's creamy and easy to apply, and not drying at all. It's one of the easier matte formulas I've come across, and not even necessarily a true hardcore matte because it does give off a slight sheen. If I only had to stick to one lipstick formula this would be it, because I've yet to have a MAC lipstick fail me. It wears decently, won't last though a meal but it'll stay around while you have some coffee or a bagel, and if you need to reapply it's not the type of formula to gunk up.

Styled in Sepia swatched on pale yellow-toned skin, natural light.
All in all it's a very polarizing color, and one that I think will be defined as "that lipcolor" for this mid-teens era of the 2000s, much like how cherry red is associated with the 50s or deeper brown and high frost finishes are very 90s. Right now, it's all about the "greige". Everyone wants to dupe Cashmere or Sepia or get their hands on Ghoulish or Fyrinnae's Kitten. We've looped right back around to nudes, but slightly dirty and more muted. I won't lie, I'm totally into it.

(Also the past few times I've put this on and taken some selfies, the sweet brain and beauty behind crimsonandclovher always comments to let me know she thinks it's fantastic, haha!)

Lip swatch of Styled in Sepia in natural light.
For comparison to bare lips, see here or here.
Honestly, I think this shade is in a family of shades out to become iconic in a way, and I hope MAC brings this back like they did with Heroine and Candy Yum-Yum. It's not a shade that looks good on everyone, but I think it's one people need to be able to try for themselves. And some people are into that whole washed out corpse chic my-lips-but-deader thing.

Yanked from Insta;
MAC Steel Kiss lipglass over Styled in Sepia,
which is layered over  MAC Pro Longwear lip pencil in Nice n Spicy.
Natural light, #nofilter

And of course to the greatest friend ever, thanks muchly. This is the best Chrisbirthmasday present a Noon can get. ♥

Where to buy: Sadly this is sold out of pretty much anywhere you could think to look, so if you're desperate for a tube you might have to take up pleaing on MakeupExchange on reddit, or offer up an arm and a leg on eBay. C'mon MAC! Bring it back!


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