#gemglam week 4: now firing dramatic peridot

"Peridot. She says her name is Peridot."

The final week!

This project has been so much fun for me, planning a look around a theme each week. It's like an event! I've been planning this look since we started this, as soon as I got Peridot for my second gem, so I was really excited for this!

Peridot has her visor over most of her upper face, so I wanted to replicate that! This look is a lot less minimal than my other look for her, I wanted to keep the visor with clean lines but have everything else a bit glowy and "space-y" haha.

"This site may have been compromised.”
For the eyes I used scotch tape to plan out the mask and used a damp brush to pat the color along the line, then buffed it out, then went over it once more to deepen it again. I used the LE Hello Waffle Skittles eyeshadow from the Kitty Kingdom collection, as its a darker gold color. I primed my lids and applied some Blackbird Smudge and Half-Full as a base. I then applied Shiro's Fourth Be With You all over the lid, blended it out, and used Notoriously Morbid's Bringers of the First in the inner section to brighten it up and give it some dimension. Skittles went lightly in the center of the lid with some of Hello Waffle's Al'Thor for more sparkles. I also applied some of Fyrinnae's polar Bear in the inner corner and on the lower lashline, more of Skittles more heavily in the outer corner, and used Blackbird's Lucid mixed with foiling serum as a liner to bring out a thin but sharp wing that extends quite far. Then naturally, mascara. I used L'oreal's Voluminous Curl, my old standby. I also added some of Skittles to my brows and the top of my forehead, then blended it down, but not so it was too much of a solid mask.

For the face I applied my base to get a good all-over even tone, and after the eyes were done I highlighted to hell and back, then used some of Fourth Be With You in my philtrum. I've seen it done on instagram before and I thought it seemed like when I needed to pull this look together and unify the green. I also took it liberally on a blush brush and patted it and blended it outside the eyes and on the temples and cheekbones to further add to that eerie green glow, and added a small bit to the tip of my nose to further enhance the effect.

For lips I used Inglot's super awesome holographic AMC Lipgloss in 546, and patted some of Skittles in the center of the upper and lower lips to give it some extra depth.

I went with gold for the visor because it's a very limey yellow green in the show, and I extended that to yellow, and to gold thru that. The gold also made sense to me because it's assumed Peridot and Jasper serve yellow diamond as well, so gold made sense. I also felt keeping it to just lime green was too monochrome, and I didn't have much else in the way of shades of green that weren't too blue based.

 Overall this look was a lot of fun and I regret not having much to say about Peridot, because I want to know more about her! I hope soon we get to see her again. I also really would love to do a project like this again, I think it's very useful for testing one's skills, and it's kinda cool to plan out looks and figure out how to interpret not just a character's colors but also personality and motifs via makeup that isn't just straight-up cosplay. (I love seeing cosplay though, I really do.)

And if our posts have inspired you to take up this Steven Universe makeup challenge or to try a look of your own, I hope you do! I'd love to see more people enjoying SU through their own mediums and outlets.

Thanks for sticking with us through all of our #GemGlam April!

Believe in Steven and lots of love,

Noon xoxo


  1. This collaboration has been so much fun to see. I'm really glad you guys did it!

  2. Thank you, it was a lot of fun! I'm glad you enjoyed it. <3 I really like planning looks and I think I'll have to do them more often!




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